Brent Jensen and the Raiders of the Lost Mahogany Tape Case

Thank you Brent Jensen for appearing on the show a second time!  Although the conversation veered wildly from Cinderella to Raven and back again, we orbited around Brent’s mahogany box of cassettes.  Maybe you had one like it.  But was your stuffed alphabetically from Accept to W.A.S.P.?  Take a look inside Brent’s tape collection and listen to the amazing stories that unfold.

The chat with Brent commences at 0:23:00 of the stream.

As my One Year Anniversary Show, we are doing a CD giveaway too.  Next week we’ll draw a winner from a hat.  See bottom for the trivia question and submission form!

The trivia question was: What is the tagline on Brent’s No Sleep ‘Til Sudbury podcast? Watch the episode for some pretty obvious clues and submit your answer in the form below.  Really, really, really obvious clues.  Really obvious.

A winner will be drawn next week!


Marco the Contrarian joins Uncle Meat and I for the Blackest of Sabbaths, only on a Friday!


  1. Interesting Raiders reference in the title, as I was just going through Spielberg’s filmography. Have you ever seen The Adventures of Tintin? It was sort of marketed as a kid’s film, but it’s really got a universal appeal. It’s honestly better than at least half of the Indiana Jones movies, and it operates in that sort of space. It’s an absolutely delightful adventure flick, and I couldn’t bang the drum for it loud enough. It seems to be underrated here in North America. Peter Jackson was a producer. It’s just plain fun adventure with great characters, direction, action, etc. It absolutely blows Kingdom of the Crystal Skull out of the water, and honestly it’s even better than Temple of Doom. It’s a significant late period triumph from Spielberg that doesn’t get its due. Edgar Wright was one of the screenwriters as well, lots of talent involved in its creation.

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    1. Oh, and Simon Pegg+Nick Frost play the incompetent police investigators Thompson and Thompson! As if you needed any more reasons to throw it on.

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    2. I used that title at the 11th hour when I was watching back. Brent mentioned that he felt like Indiana Jones rediscovering these old tapes. Then the title hit me.

      I have to admit I stopped following Speilberg in the 1990s. I caught a few of his films but Tintin was not one. Which ones did I see….Munich…Catch Me If You Can…Crystal Crap…can’t remember seeing any others.


  2. Great show Mike (from what I saw at least)! I’ll catch up when I get the chance. It was so cool hearing you, Deke, and Brent talk about Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, Quiet Riot, and bands that came to the metal scene too late. Again, happy one year anniversary to the Lebrain Train! I appreciate you guys for educating me on rock n roll. Can’t wait for next week’s show as it should be interesting hearing the Contrarian talk about Sabbath (and hearing Meat’s openly honest thoughts as well).

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    1. Make sure you enter the contest Lana! You wanna win these discs trust me!

      I’m looking forward to meeting Marco for the first time, and talking about one of my favourite albums of all time…actually my favourite album of all time. These guys know what it is, you’ll just have to wait and see!


  3. Deke, u were talking about your main bands and 2nd and 3rd tier bands. For me it was mainly the 2nd and 3rd or the albums behind the hit ones cos all my friends were buying the ones with hits or the happening albums so I would borrow those from them and so I had those on taped on cassette so that left me with the option to buy something no one had or the previous or latter albums. U guys didn’t do that?

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      1. Theatre of Pain was my first Crue vinyl. I had the first one taped of my friends big brother and another friend of mine got Shout at the Devil so I taped that one and finally bought Theatre of Pain with my own money. After that I remember it all falling apart cos heavy rock got so popular with 1987 and everything after that everyone was into hard rock or so it seemed and it wasn’t cool underground your thing kinda thing anymore. I remember being so mad at Whitesnake for putting the same songs on again on different albums.

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        1. I can see that. Especially when the new versions were slicker. But I was a few years younger and it was my very first time hearing Here I Go Again and Crying in the Rain.


  4. I saw Cinderella open for BJ too. 3 band bill Smithereens, Cinderella and BJ. It was when Slippery when wet came out and BJ was the hottest band around. All I remember is Jeff trying to throw his guitar around his neck and I guess not putting enough spin on it cos it just came back. Funny what sticks with u.

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  5. just wanted to share that I’m listening to Slash Made in Stoke at the moment. Myles doing Patience, sounds okey. What’s your take on Myles and Slash?


  6. Great anniversary episode (currently watching via YouTube). Thoroughly enjoyed the shows I’ve managed to catch… and I look forward to more.


  7. Congratulations on the Anniversary, dude! Doesn’t seem that long ago yet here it is. Such an awesome addition to your site. Thanks for letting me sit in on a few of them, too. Cool to be a part of it.

    I had several of those drawer-style tape containers, preferred those over the zippered cases, and definitely not like my friend’s milk crate full of tapes (gah). I always left the last innermost row of the drawers empty, too hard to get that tape outta there.


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