Lists Bloody Lists: Marco the Contrarian boards the LeBrain Train with some Black Sabbath lists!

Thank you Marco from The Contrarians for your appearance Friday night!  The subject was Black Sabbath songs.  Three Nigel Tufnel Top Ten lists from three die-hard fans.  Do the math — that’s like a million tons of metal right there.

Marco is one of the most knowledgeable guests we’ve had on the show.  We couldn’t let him off without asking him some questions about Marco.  The first part of the show features a new segment that we call “Lightning Round – Getting to Know You”.  We’d like your feedback on this part of the show.  We had a lot of fun with it and so did the live viewers.  What did you think of this new feature?  Let us know in the comments.

Finally, we did a Contrarians style discussion on my favourite Black Sabbath record Born Again.  This was very enjoyable and I hope we did the Contrarians justice with our version of the format.

Finally Finally:  Marco mentioned a film project he is working on about a Canadian metal band called Mystique that is very close to his heart.  Check out their Youtube channel by clicking here.  This subject really grabbed the imagination of the live viewers who started looking up their stuff on Discogs!  ($377!)  You’ll also hear about a band called Slam Glory that I liked a lot back in the 90s.

All this and more on the LeBrain Train.  Thanks for watching!

For the statisticians:  Of the 33 songs on our lists, only five overlapped.  They were:

  • Cornucopia (Meat and Marco)
  • Sign of the Southern Cross (Mike and Meat)
  • Hand of Doom (Meat and Marco)
  • Disturbing The Priest (Marco and Mike)
  • Children Of the Sea (Mike and Meat)


  1. I thought the lightning round was awesome, and like you said, it was a great way to get to know the guest! Does that mean you might do this with Martin Popoff the next time he comes back on the show? Or just for first-time guests (not including guests you’ve had before)? Either way great show. I enjoyed the conversation on the show and in the comments. I think the Born Again album cover is cool by the way, I love the red over the blue.

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    1. I think the idea is that the lightning round is for first time guests. Thanks for the feedback Lana! Hope you can catch one of next week’s shows too.

      Gotta tell ya it’s so nice connecting with everybody like this.

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      1. Oh ok first time guests, sounds good! No problem Mike! I’m glad to give you feedback and help you out. I’ll do my best to catch next week’s show for sure!

        I feel the same way. After over a year of being in a pandemic, I haven’t seen my friends in-person since early 2020, but I’ve never felt more connected to people during this time than ever. It’s all thanks to communicating with the WordPress community and making new friends.

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  2. Great stuff, Mike – I really like the lightning round.

    I’ll also need to listen to Born Again – I think this is the only Sabbath album that I haven’t ever listened to. I dot exactly know why.

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