11 Albums + 1 Desert Island = 6 Great Lists

The rules were flexible to say the least, but the lists were solid as rock! What 11 albums would you bring with you, if you were stranded on a desert island? And why? Each of us had our reasons and some great lists.

Unfortunately John Snow (2loud2oldmusic) could not make it tonight.  He felt terrible about cancelling, but fortunately pinch hitter Aaron from the KMA stepped in at the last minute with a list he made while cooking dinner!

Your panel this week was:

The lists start at 0:25:20, and as always Aaron wrote ’em down.  Read ’em at bottom!

The schedule:

April 30T-Bone returns and we discuss Van Halen’s 5150 in depth.  Guests:  Kevin (BuriedonMars), Uncle Meat, Superdekes, and Aaron.

May 7Paul Laine from Danger Danger and the Defiants with co-host John Snow.

May 14:  List show by Uncle Meat’s suggestion — Best Cover Tunes — with panel TBA.

May 21:  New booking!  Sean Kelly (Coney Hatch, Crash Kelly, Helix, Lee Aaron, Trapper, Nelly Furtado) joins us with co-host Deke!

May 28Dave Lizmi of the Four Fuckin’ Horsemen!  Co-host will be T-Rev.

June 4:  One year anniversary of Harrison’s first appearance.  We re-hash the Top 11 Priest Albums and will have Geoff Stephen to graph it!  Co-host is TBA.

June 18Robert Lawson, author of Still Competition: The Listener’s Guide to Cheap Trick.  Hosted by Superdekes.

All aboard!





    1. That was great fun indeed and thanks for filling in on short notice. I played it back and you did indeed call The Book of Souls right out of the gate. I was paying attention to Lebrain at the time and missed it. I must have mentioned it at some point because you have a good memory.


  1. This is the song I used to clear the party by the way. It’s the first song on the EP. No bad words in the song title or in the song, so I thought it was okay to post. We didn’t even make it all the way through this one.


  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it either. Feeling much better this morning. Here is my list…

    David Lanz – Cristofori’s Dream
    Star Wars Soundtrack
    Will Hoge – Blackbird on a Lonely Wire
    Scott Stapp – Proof of Life
    Def Leppard – High & Dry
    Joe Satriani – Flying in a Blue Dream
    Van Halen – Van Halen
    Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime
    David Bowie – Cracked Actor Live
    Matt Nathanson – Live in Paradise: Boston
    Kiss – Alive!

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        1. No man, do the fanboy stuff, whatever comes natural. You’ve seen Deke — he tells the guys it was the best show in Thunder Bay etc. I still have plenty of research to do but I sure do know that first album intimately now!


  3. Nice list John. Most of those could have been on my list too. On the show not much overlap, some same bands.

    Here’s my list for today:
    blind melon: soup
    grapes or wrath:now and again
    dio: holy diver
    smithereens: green thoughts
    elvis costello:punch the clock
    prince: around the world in a day
    everly brothers: reunion concert
    crowded house: temple of low men
    everclear: sparkle and fade
    gruntruck: push
    life of agony: ugly

    this could be a lot different on another day..

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  4. Holen – Purple Rain would be on mine as well (though I’d like to see a bonus edition that included the Morris Day & The Time tracks, the highlight of the movie for me!)

    LeBrain – neat seeing The Band on your list. I remember in a recent post you said you were quite late to that party, impressive that the album made such an impact on you in a relatively short time.

    Aaron – well done compiling the lists & we’d have overlap with OK Computer!

    Harrison – I’m keen to see where Turbo 30 ranks on your Top Judas Priest albums. Desert Island doesn’t necessarily mean #1, so I’m interested to see where it ends up.

    Meat – Pet Sounds is essential!

    Rob – I couldn’t have a desert island list without Fully Completely either.

    Nice work. gentlemen!

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  5. this one was good. Dream Theater as punishment…

    Cutting Edge Music Playing Device (Uncensored) (HD) : Neurotically Yours “Chibisode”


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