Brian and Rob from Suicide Star on this week’s LeBrain Train!

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike and Deke

Saturday – Episode 73 – Brian and Rob from Suicide Star


Brian Hamilton, drummer for the awesome Storm Force, has a new band called Suicide Star!  Itching to keep making music, Hamilton and his bandmates from former group Step Echo found lead singer Rob Barton online, who had recently gotten back into music.  When the four decided to unite, Covid shut the world down.  But that couldn’t stop them and a new album called Isolation is here to rock the summer of ’21.  The CD was mixed by Hamilton and is out now.

This Friday, June 25, Brian and Rob join Deke and Mike on the LeBrain Train.  We’ll talk about the album in depth, the members, and what it’s been like trying to launch a new project during Covid.  Don’t miss this show – as usual you’ll want to catch it live and have your questions asked!

  • Aki Maris – Bass
  • Rob Barton – Vocals
  • Les Serran – Guitars
  • Brian Hamilton – Drums

Friday June 25, 7:00 PM E.S.T. on Facebook:  MikeLeBrain and YouTube:  Mike LeBrain.



  1. Wait a minute, this post isn’t a review of Surfing with the Alien! Crumbs. Well at least we got a cool guest appearance notice as consolation.


  2. I also decided to set up the first annual wordpress friends tag team wrestling tournament. If anyone wants to switch teams let me know. But Harrison is my partner, no exceptions.

    Match 1
    Holen+Harrison vs. Mike Ladano+Aaron

    Match 2
    Kevin+Sarah vs. Deke+Uncle Meat

    Match 3
    Scott+J. vs Destroyerofharmony+Lana

    Match 4
    John T. Snow+Geoff Stephens vs. 80smetalman+Rob Daniels

    Let me know if you’d like to be added!


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