Raiders of the Spielberg Lists

Ahoy, movie fans!  When we are fortunate enough to get Geoff Stephen to graph our lists as they happen, it adds an element of excitement.  We see certain picks take early leads, only for some to be wiped out when the big guns come out at the end.  In terms of graphing and trends, the Spielberg film lists were the most thrilling yet.

Your panel:

We also had bonus lists from Rob McKinnon and Sarca Sim.

On a personal note this was one of the most fun shows yet.  Erik was a fantastic addition to the panel with his encyclopedic knowledge of cinema.  And most of us will be back next week when we tackle Top Animated Films, a topic suggested in the comments by Harrison the Mad Metal Man.



  1. Great show, despite the Jurassic Park and Prequel haters. Though I was joking about needing credit for the idea for next week. That doesn’t matter.


  2. I’m glad Geoff made The Color Purple purple in the graphs. That one’s definitely not my favorite though. It’d have been like if they let Woody Allen direct the Malcolm X biopic, Spielberg just wasn’t the right guy for the material.

    My favorites in no order except Schindler’s at the top…

    Schindler’s List
    Close Encounters
    Last Crusade
    Saving Private Ryan
    Adventures of Tin-Tin
    Minority Report (MAX VON SYDOW!!!)
    Catch Me If You Can
    Temple of Doom
    Jurassic Park

    You should do top 11 Kubrick. That would be way harder for me since I love almost all his films, only like most of Spielberg’s.


  3. Erik was a great addition to the show; he had so many great stories to share! I’m shocked to hear that not everyone likes ‘Jurassic Park’ (not that I’ve seen it yet) because I assumed it was a classic that everyone loved. Not surprised ‘Jaws’ was extremely popular on the lists. The top animated films sounds tempting. I’d love to put together something for that one, but I’m worried it’d mostly be Disney films lol!

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      1. Science works in mysterious ways. I never saw any of the Jurassic Park films. Only Jurassic World and I was disappointed with the second one because the cute guy from the first Jurassic World wasn’t in it. I like the Jurassic World/Park ride at Universal Studios, but that’s about it.

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