Morning Dashcam

Nothing major, but watch where you’re going bud.

Music: “Pygmy Blowdart” by Max the Axe from the new Oktoberfest Cheer EP.


  1. Yesterday, in Brantford, while on a 4 lane road, I switched lanes from the left to the right. Then the stop light turned red. The guy behind was turning so I tried to squeeze left as best as I could to try and let him turn, but he had to wait for the light. That was enough to give me the finger. I guess because in his tiny little brain I should have known he wanted to turn before the intersection and I should have stayed in the left lane. I looked back in the mirror and he repeatedly gave me the finger.
    He almost blew a gasket when the light turned green and I sat there for a bit.

    On the way to Brantford and home I was cut off roughly 5 times.
    I think I need a dash cam.

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    1. They are cheap to buy, and you don’t need a big memory card. Just enough to store a day’s worth of driving. Good to have for insurance purposes. If this guy took out the railing, at least I’d have footage to help out the cops. Guy was driving real slow and I do think he was texting.

      Sorry about Brantford, cue all the old classic Craig Fee lines.

      One thing I wish I saved from my camera was my list trip to the lake. Right at the Crossroads in Elmira, a young guy in the car in front of us was just ROCKING OUT. Banging his head, singing, just going for it. Looked like a rapper guy but seemed to be drumming rock. I flashed him the devil horns and he flashed me back. Then he started rocking even HARDER! We lost him when the light turned green, he got through the intersection and we had to wait for the next light. But damn man, it was just…a moment. A moment of musical bonding.


    2. Get a Tesla. It has many cameras. It records permanently and overwrites it after half an hour or so, unless you saved it. It is saved automatically if there is a crash, or a hard braking, and you can set it up to save it if you honk the horn. You can have it record things while the car is parked. In front, behind, left, and right.

      Of course, there are many other advantages of a Tesla.

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        1. The Model 3 isn’t that expensive, especially when you figure in that it costs less per distance to drive (I used to have a 69-horsepower diesel and that cost more), there are fewer repairs, and so on. And if you can find somewhere to charge for free it’s even better.


  2. I was near the casino in Brantford. Whoooo boy. It was almost like a Mad Max movie seeing the characters that hung out down there.
    I have seen an improvement in that city but some pockets are still really bad.

    I grew up in Elmira and can really relate.

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    1. For about to rock in the car, I salute you.

      But seriously consider getting a dashcam. The one I had just attached to the windshield by suction. Only come off twice in the last two years, on super cold days. The only pain in the butt is the dangling power cord. They advise you to hide it under the wall panels, but fuck that noize. I know Kevin has both front and rear dashcams. His footage is therefore twice as good as mine.


  3. I have a wee camera that could be used in the car, but for some reason I’ve never hooked it up. Probably because I don’t ever drive anywhere.

    The dipshites are everywhere, man. I see people driving and texting and I yell at them from the sidewalk. It startles them. Good.

    I wish I was deputized by the police to take plates and report rolling stops, texting and drinking while driving, illegal lane changes, left turns where you can’t make a left, you name it. I could make the city so much money. There are intersections where you’d just have to sit and wait and let them money roll in.


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