#882: The Day KK Came Back

RECORD STORE TALES #882: The Day KK Came Back

Working retail means you can’t control who you see on a day-to-day basis.  Faces from the past are part of the job.  Teachers, old neighbours, bullies, and so on.  Sometimes it’s not a face you really cared to see again.  For example, there was this one kid named Terry Moulton from grade school.  He was known as a burnout even in grade eight.  The word in class is that he would skip to go and smoke pot with his dad.  One day I was working and who should show up to sell me some used CDs but Terry.  He recognized me.  I’m not so good with faces from the that long ago, but I remembered the name.  I made him a generous offer on the discs, and asked for his ID.  We had to ask for ID in order to buy anything used from the public.  Part of theft prevention.  Of course Terry didn’t have any ID so I skipped that part for him as a favour.  I asked for his address and he didn’t even have a fixed address.  I broke a few bi-laws by buying discs from him that day.

My journal records another encounter with a forgotten face from the Catholic school days.

Kevin Kirby’s name was ingrained in my memory even if I didn’t recognize his face.  Kirby was into metal when none of the other kids were.  He had Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Ozzy records thanks to an older sister.  He was my “friend” I guess.  Friends by circumstance, not by choice?  Frenemies?  He copied my homework.  He pushed me around.  He made fun of me.  Once he picked on me, and I fought back, so he cried to his mom about it.  His mom called the school.

According to my journal the last time I saw him was in 2004.

Date: 2004/08/04

An interesting day, thus far.

A couple assholes, but not many in general.

Saw Jessica, waved hello.*

Then a dude with a mullet came in. Bought a CD. Asked if I remembered him. He knew my name. Kevin Kirby it was…guy who used to pick on me in grade eight. Nice to see ya, pal.

He might have been into good music, but he was a prick to me in our last year of school together.  Don’t care if I ever see him again.


Yours Truly

* Jessica was Money Mart Girl who I had a crush on.  



      1. Doctors over here still use faxes to communicate patient info between each other. It’s far easier to hack into an email than a fax


      1. Sucks there was such apathy for you. My grade school experience was a little different. My Dad was one of the teachers there the whole time I attended, so all the teachers knew me (and my sister).


      2. My 5th grade teacher absolutely despised me! She totally picked favorites. We never did anything to really earn her ire, we were just a little ornery as kids sometimes are. She was never so hard on any of my friends, but I guess she hated me because I questioned her judgment the most when she did things like arbitrarily deciding I couldn’t sit with my friends at lunch anymore and she made me sit with the star pupil girls (whose grades weren’t as good as mine).

        My teacher was the bully!

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        1. Maybe “bully” is too strong a word in my case. She backed off when I told one of the girls she made me sit with that she (the teacher) was a bitch. I got told on and she did nothing. Then my friends and I just sat together the next day and for the rest of the year.

          I got in trouble a lot in elementary school. I wasn’t made for that kind of micromanaging. The kind teachers must do for kids that age. The senseless rules. I was a little maladjusted bastard (hard to believe), but I don’t remember being that bad in 5th grade. Didn’t really get into any trouble in school after that. Though I was a star pupil so the principal liked me and I could talk my way out of anything.


  1. That was really good of you to buy those CDs from Terry. When Sarah and I first moved to Stouffville in 2006 there were bylaws on selling anything used. It was weird to have a Blockbuster that would not take in any video game trade-ins.

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    1. The problem was, I had to make sure he understood I was breaking all these bi-laws and it wouldn’t happen a second time. Because guys like that come in to sell a second time and then say “But the other guy lets me sell here.” So I couldn’t have that. He had to know it was a one time deal.

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