Top 5 Album Openers, on the opening of the new LeBrain Train

Streamlined lists, and three of the most passionate rock fans on the planet came together last night for the relaunch of the new LeBrain Train!  The topic was Top Five Album Openers, and the guests were Uncle Meat and Harrison the Mad Metal Man! We call it “Cinco De List-O” and although the lists were shorter, we made sure we didn’t skimp on the analysis and appreciation.

Every one of the songs listed tonight deserve some time in your ears.  You can read the lists below, or have some real fun and watch the show!

Big thanks to my two co-hosts tonight, for what I think was a pretty damn good re-launch.  Let’s pour on the steam and this train a-rollin’ again.

Note:  Apologies to Max the Axe for playing the wrong version of “Pygmy Blowdart” at the top of the show.  I loaded the early cut into Streamyard.





  1. Nice choices, gentlemen – Band on the Run would be a contender for me, I gravitate to either the epic openers like that (or Elton John’s 11+ minute opener, Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding) or left-turn/change of direction openers (like the Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness or The Hip’s Morning Moon)
    I’ll add another vote for the Top 5 closers idea !


  2. Funny. Nobody called me out on accidentally mislabelling “Man on the Edge” as the opening track on The X Factor. Might have something to do with its lack of popularity… :) I realised my mistake right after.

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  3. I’ll repeat what I said during your livestream! Great show guys and I loved seeing such great discussions that were under two hours! I hope it was easier to edit this livestream when you uploaded it?!?

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        1. Right that’s how it works now. But it was still a lot of work to prepare the post for the next day. I had to write it up, find good screenshots to use, link everybody. If a show finished at 10:30 or later, and then I have to do the post for midnight, I never had a chance to rest. So shorter shows give me more time to rest afterwards.

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