VHS Archives #106: On the Tour Bus with Varga (1994 Power 30)

Varga were on the cutting edge of combining heavy metal music with the burgeoning industrial scene. Teresa Roncon of the Power 30 caught up with the band in Buffalo, on their bus. Looks like there was a bit of a party going on, but in the back of the bus was a makeshift recording studio where the guys were assembling ideas for album #2.  “Heavy and exploratory” was the promise!

Meet Varga & Ugly Kid Joe’s manager Dennis, and find out just how to get on a tour bus. A little bit of live footage is within, and the always likeable guys request a few tunes.



  1. I don’t remember much about Varga other than seeing their videos played a few times on the show, but I did see this episode of Power 30 and the interview when it initially aired in ’94. Power 30 was the weekly metal ‘update’ before the internet was more accessable, and Youtube originated, so I never missed the Thursday night ‘news.’

    I also remember taping the evening episode of the shows, watching for good bands and videos, planning the timing, and readying the VCR to copy the individual videos when they played again on the late-night airing. Definitely much (no pun intended) easier now going directly to Youtube to see the videos. (Not like there is a televised music-video channel anymore anyway.)

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    1. Hey Dan! Interestingly Dan and Sean from Varga are now also in Sven Gali, pulling double duty! They both played on the new Sven EP called 3.

      I was never a Power 30 fan, they really lost me after the Power Hour folded. They just didn’t have the same long-length quality content anymore. I continued to tape some episodes to get good interviews and videos, but Start Me Up on Saturdays became the real place for those kinds of shows. A band on for a whole hour etc.


      1. Yes, I saw recent news that Sven Gali had reformed and was recording again with their new album out.

        I watched all the variations: Power Hour, Power 30, and the previous show at midnight Fridays before Pepsi was the sponsor (I forget what it was called). I was saddened, like most fans, when Much announced the canceling of the metal shows, and it wasn’t long after that they, and MTV, moved to ‘Reality TV’ programming, and videos and music were no longer the ‘executives’ interest for scheduling. Similar to 2L2O’s comment about being busy and traveling, I drifted from watching Much and don’t remember seeing many episodes of Start Me Up, although I do remember the show.

        I’m glad for your page and posts bringing back memories of the past, and reminding us of the things we have semi-forgotten. And, of course, informing us of new events and music available now. It is a good thing you are doing here. Thank you!

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        1. I started watching around 1984/85 with the Power Hour. I watched right until 1991 and I even have the final episode on tape. I uploaded it here at VHS Archives #100!

          I was happy that Drew Masters from M.E.A.T Magazine saw this video and posted to his page. The Varga guys saw it today! I’ve been planning on having Dan Fila on my Friday night live show for a while now, I need to lock him down!

          Thank you for the kind words — makes it worth doing!


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