Redrum! A wickedly scary Top 5 Horror Movie show on the LeBrain Train

Big props to the panel tonight:  Eric “Uncle Meat” Litwiller, Rob “Chucky” Daniels and Erik “Velvet Voice” Woods!  Any time we cover movies, I am the luckiest host in the world to be able to lean on Rob and Erik.  I truly believe these two guys are some of the top experts on movie soundtracks in the world.  By extension, they also know movies like the backs of their hands.  This was a truly great show because we had three amazing guests on the panel.  Me, all I could do was tell amusing anecdotes!  (Watch the show and find out what my buddy Bob and I “learned” about women’s clothing from the movie Christine.

This is a show you’ll want to watch from start to finish.  The discussion far exceeded just a simple “top 5” list, with plenty of interesting runners-up scattered through the broadcast.  Go get a beverage and get ready to be inspired to watch a whole bunch of horror movies this weekend!


November 5 7:00 PM E.S.T.: We are joined by the awesome Dan Fila, drummer of Sven Gali and Varga! Co-hosted by John “2loud2old” Snow. Get ready to be pummelled by a double bass master!

Next week I’ll be on Tim’s Vinyl Confessions for a special episode, and 107.5 Dave Rocks, with Jessie David for The Essential Alice Cooper on October 31!



  1. I’m glad you didn’t cut yourself opening that box, Darth! Loved that you used a Yoda voice (in the Darth mask, no less) to give a shout-out, that made my day. Also you opened the box upside down, so you got the note last lol awesome. Also making my day is that I am impressed you didn’t have any of those (what are the chances)? You mention clairvoyance, I think it’s just luck. Like those KISS ugly dolls’ timing, right? You mentioned not having the Guitar Zeus so I sent it along, you’ll give it a warm and loving home! That Trews is an early-days EP. I had a copy but I had to rescue it (never leave a man behind!) so it came to you. The rest were a shot in the dark, I figured you had them already but as it turns out, you did not. Cool! COMMUNITY!!


  2. I probably won’t be watching any horror films at the moment cause I’m a wimp lol! But one day, I’ll find the courage to watch some of the movies you guys mentioned (especially ‘The Exorcist’). Great show Mike!

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