VHS Archives #113: Eric Martin & Paul Gilbert – July 1991

Happy birthday to Paul Gilbert!

This video is from 30 years ago:  in the MuchMusic studios with Eric Martin and Erica Ehm, talking Mr. Big!  “Thank God for Pat Torpey!” they say as the praise the (late) great drummer.  Lots of ground covered here:

  • Formation of the band
  • The blues and their roots
  • Touring as a “long camping trip”
  • Singing lessons and demonstrations!
  • More carrots, celery and radishes

You’re gonna love this.  Also note, it’s one of my few non-Power Hour recordings.

BONUS:  Today’s appearance on Tim’s Vinyl Confessions’ Mr. Big special




  1. There was a time period when I just had to get all of Mr Big cd’s and listened to them a lot. Never got any of the Japanese releases. I recall that back then if I was feeling down I used to reach for Mr Big cd. And that t-shirt with the cover of their first album on the front was one of my favorites.

    I even got most of Eric’s solo albums.

    Listening to Wasp Still not black enough…

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  2. Favorite Mr Big album? If I can cheat I’d say Big, Bigger, Biggest: The Best Of Mr. Big. That’s the one I have listened to most. Of studio albums it’s a tie between Bump and Hey man.


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