The Replacements: Top Five Singers with John and Harrison

A huge thank-you to Harrison the Mad Metal Man and 2Loud2OldMusic’s John Snow for an awesome show this week.   At John’s suggestion we tackled our favourite replacement singers.  We don’t mean guys like Hagar, Gillan and Dio…those guys already get listed enough.  We wanted to go a layer deeper.

Get a pen to take some names!  We went slightly off the beaten track and came up with 15 unique replacement singers that, in one way or another, kicked our butts!

And if that wasn’t enough, check out our amazing list of runners-up at the end.  The cool thing is that we’ve talked to several of them on the LeBrain Train and Scotch on the Rocks!

See you again next week for another bunch of lists!



  1. I loved that you guys talked about singers that no one talks enough about! I even liked that you guys talked about John Corabi. I haven’t listened to any of his work with Mötley Crüe yet, but it was nice of you to give some appreciation for him, something the casual fans wouldn’t do. Great show, guys!


  2. cool topic. Will watch the whole show later. Took a peak and hit the Quiet Riot part.

    Could u maybe do golden nuggets show showcasing bands that only made one or two albums but u love at least one of them? Listening to Big F Is at the moment and remember that I used to listen to this one a lot. Other that comes to mind is that Front album, forgot what it’s called or the one I absolute love by Electric Love Hogs. Sea Hags was also a good one. Would love to hear of your favorites from the bands that nobody remembers or not so many have heard in the first place.


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