VIDEO: Christmas 2021 Village Tour – Judas Priest – 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music Unboxing

Enjoy a tour of the best Christmas Village I’ve seen yet — complete with carnage and baby Yoda. Or, skip ahead to watch the unboxing at 3:43!

Yes — it has arrived. Judas Priest’s 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music. 42 CDs of music. Limited to 3000 copies. And in 2022 we will be reviewing this monstrosity front to back.



    1. Well I am going to sum up all the previously released albums in a single post — or a few posts if I have to break it down for size. I’ve already written up the first five CDs. The new live discs will get full track by track breakdowns. But yes — a lot of reviewing incoming!


    1. Yes me too. I will say from my early listenings, these are the best sounding CD versions I have heard of these albums. The mastering is not brick-walled at all. You can see all the dynamics. I’m also hearing a lot of nice clear bass.


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