Sunday Screening: The Contrarians – Episode 63: Def Leppard – Hysteria

It’s the episode I’ve been waiting forever for! Tim Durling vs. Martin Popoff on Def Leppard’s legendary Hysteria!  I’ve been consistent in my love for this controversial album since its 1987 release.  So has Tim!  Meanwhile, Martin gave the album a pounding 0/10 score in Riff Kills Man!  Hysteria sucks righteously!”

Let’s see how Tim holds up in this episode, shall we?

Tomorrow in the Def Leppard review series, Tim will be returning to talk about the Soundtrack From the Video Historia.  Don’t miss it.


  1. Since I subscribed to the Contrarians youtube channel, I’ve seen a lot of great videos with interesting topics, but this ‘Hysteria’ video is my favorite one so far! And I’m not even a huge fan of the album, I’m like in the middle.

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      1. Yeah, it was really cool hearing two totally different perspectives on an album that was considered Def Leppard’s “biggest selling album.” You’re not mad at Martin then for giving ‘Hysteria’ a 0/10?

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