The Aftermath: Tim’s Vinyl Confessions Episode 351 with Tim and LeBrain

On Saturday Tim Durling, and I recorded a fantastic episode of Tim’s Vinyl Confessions about rare CDs that received loads of comments and questions!  Tim has been wanting to try going live for a while now, so Sunday morning we went for it with a followup show!

So, yes: That means this weekend there were three hours of Tim and I yammering about music!  But apparently they were a good three hours according to viewer feedback.  Here’s the “Aftermath” show that we did at 7:30 AM on a Sunday!  Loads of fun — I love mornings!

LeBrain Train Upcoming Live Schedule:

  • Friday February 18, 7:00 PM:  Top Albums from the Year 2000
  • Friday March 12, 7:00 PM:  Ten Year Anniversary of Record Store Tales
  • Friday March 26, 7:00 PM:  Two Year Anniversary of the LeBrain Train
  • Friday April 1, 7:00 PM:  The Prank Show featuring Michael Morwood and Chris Thuss


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