Unboxing Four Japanese Imports – live!

Sometimes the easiest way to make a video is to do it live. Last night I unboxed four new arrivals from Japan!

There’s one seller in Japan who has dozens of items on my wishlist. They’ve helped me add many long-sought items to my library over the years. This time, I added to my Scorpions and ZZ Top collections, while taking a chance on a serious Iron Maiden rarity that was priced inexplicably cheap.

Wanna see how it turned out? Watch the short video below.


  1. The real deal! You have made one jealous Blaze fan today. And some weird-ass booklet shit as another bonus. I kind of miss the fat CD cases. You could fit a fat booklet in without bending the front of the case, and they were far more robust.

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    1. Harrison, I can’t figure out why it was so cheap. I haven’t played it yet but the disc itself looked fine. One crack in the case? So I’m thrilled but also still a little confused.

      So true about the fat cases. Not an efficient use of space, but a sturdy one.

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      1. Well if it’s all fine when it plays, I don’t think we should be looking the gift horse in the mouth. I think it evens out considering how much you’ve spent on stuff like VLSOF.

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      1. Nope not happening. Bought them both on CD when they came out and did not mind em but in saying that when u compare them to Bruce and Paul’s output something is missing.
        X FACTOR intrigues me though but that’s my doing lol


    1. No worried John. It’s weird but I actually find it easy to make a video, by doing a live stream. If I “make a video” intentionally, I find myself spending too much time doing re-takes and editing. This is just a 15 minute video and done. Just easier!

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