2 years later: “LeBrain’s Covid-19 Message”

This did not age well. The comment about hoarding toilet paper is funny. I remember my dad didn’t like this video. He found it too “angry”. It did start the whole “VoiVod!” thing with Rob Daniels though! This is just after lockdown began, but before the LeBrain Train launched. Interesting from a certain point of view. Where’s that Queen shirt now? Can’t find it anywhere!

Originally posted March 18 2020.



    1. No shit eh? I was telling my therapist that one thing that concerned me was that the last two years seem like a blur. Like I can’t distinguish memories by year. And that’s something I’m usually pretty good at. Covid is just one big brain jumble of shit. And it definitely took its toll. I’m a lot more germophobic now. I never used to be.

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