“Have A Cigar” by the Foo Fighters on the Sunday Song Spotlight

Rest in peace to drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died tragically at age 50. The B-side “Have A Cigar” (originally from the 1999 “Learning to Fly” single) is a Pink Floyd cover sung by Hawkins, later appearing on the album Medium Rare.



  1. All deaths are tragic in some sense. However, it seems that he died of drug abuse. Of course, there must be reasons, even though he was in a much better position than almost everyone else on Earth (as are most rich people who do what they want to do).

    There is pressure to do drugs: don‘t smoke, don‘t drink, you‘re uncool. Some can deal with that, some cave in and go along. Similar pressures for other drugs.

    It doesn‘t have to be that way. Note that Angus Young is a teetotaler. Yes, really. So it‘s not just The Moody Blues who are drug-free rock musicians.


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