VHS Archives #124: Slaughter’s Toronto listening party for The Wild Life (1992)

30 years ago, Slaughter held a listening party for their forthcoming new album The Wild Life released April 21 1992.  These listening parties look like a lot of fun though it could be tiresome for  the band to repeat the same ol’ schtick.  Mark Slaughter, Dana Strum, Tim Kelly (rest in peace) and Blas Elias all get some camera time.  The focus is on growth and change, and indeed The Wild Life was a progression from the debut that never quite got the credit it was due.  A few Canada jokes, and the suits can be seen bopping their heads to the new album.

From MuchMusic’s Pepsi Power Hour.




  1. Man I have not heard this in years. Saw em open for Ozzy along with UKJ back in 92. They always came across as cool guys. Fans of music that were in a band which is how I seen it….


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