VHS Archives #126: Metal Mike talks to the Quireboys (1993)

With the London Quireboys back in the news these days, it’s a good time to resurrect this interview from the Metal Mike Show with Spike and Guy Griffin. The year was 1993 and the Quireboys were out supporting their newest album Bitter Sweet & Twisted. This is just a quick clip regarding opening for big bands such as The Stones, Bowie and Aerosmith.

Unfortunately this is the last clip I have on tape from the Metal Mike Show, a cool local rock program that helped compensate for the loss of the Pepsi Power Hour. Mike used to go to Sam the Record Man and talk to Al King about new releases. I think in the pilot episode, Rush’s Roll the Bones was brand new. So that gives you an idea of the time frame. Mike also talked to local bands like the Groove Daddies and big stars like Poison. Great show.

Anyway, here’s Spike and Guy: formerly the Quireboys!


    1. HHAHAHA

      Yes nice timing on the Quireboys drama. Sad about the drama, but it might make me buy a new deluxe edition of A Bit of What You Fancy.

      The real Metal Mike contacted me last year to ask if I had any more videos. I guess he lost 90% of them. Anyway I have no more :(

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        1. It does but it has given both parties the most press they had in decades. Just last week Brent was making fun of them on Thursday Night Record Club. The next day they were in the headlines again.

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