Raise Your Fist and Yell for these Alice Cooper Deep Cuts

Thank you to Marco from the Contrarians for your awesome contributions to this week’s discussion: Alice Cooper Deep Cuts!  And thanks as always to co-host Harrison the Mad Metal Man!  Harrison really came out of the box with some obscure but still notable songs that you need to check out.  The thing about Alice Cooper is…he’s so prolific, and even on the albums you might not like as much, there are always a standout song or two.  I was surprised to find so much love for certain songs (“Roses On White Lace”, “Aspirin Damage”, “Make That Money (Scrooge’s Song)”, “Fresh Blood” and more).  Alice’s albums were well represented on these lists, with only a handful going unmentioned.  Even so, our runners-up lists covered the shadowy corners of the discography.

More thanks:  Holen & Buried On Mars with two more lists of great songs that need to be heard and appreciated more often.

If you watched this episode live, I appreciate you too!  Another great Friday night for the books!



    1. Thanks for watching man, your list was GREAT. Really loved it.

      Yeah I’m out of practice with timing these list shows! But also, I didn’t mind being done before 9 either. I got to bed at a decent hour!


        1. Thanks! As long as it was a good time. Which it was for me. Harrison talked me into spending $72 on an Alice Cooper promo for one song. LOL


        2. No, no, hey, didn’t talk you into anything. I merely provided you with the info necessary to identify which promo discs on Discogs had that song. I distinctly recall offering you a different solution, and you bought said disc all by yourself.


        1. Ha! It’s honestly hilarious how every time I’m on the show Lebrain picks the image to represent the show in the post, and he and the co-hosts are always smiling, but he always manages to screenshot at a time when I’m like a Moai statue. Every time :)

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        2. It’s a conspiracy. We’re too good looking. I hear the words ‘silver fox’ got thrown around in a recent publication regarding your appearance.

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