REVIEW: Fu Manchu / Fastso Jetson – “Jailbreak” / “Blueberries & Chrome” (1998 split single)

FU MANCHU – “Jailbreak” / FATSO JETSON – “Blueberries & Chrome” (1998 split Sessions Records 7″ single)

Fu Manchu turn Thin Lizzy into Thin Sludge…and it works!  Though it’s downtuned and slammin’, it’s still “Jailbreak”.  Fu Manchu went to the effort to mostly duplicate the familiar lead guitar melodies.  The hooks you remember are there.  Vocally, considering that Phil Lynott often liked to speak/sing, Scott Hill from Fu Manchu’s natural approach works just fine.  He’s different from Phil, more than you’d expect.  He doesn’t really attempt to sing the vocal melody, he just applies his own style to it.  Few people will pick this as their favourite Lizzy cover of all time, but Fu Manchu fans should adore it.  Produced by J. Yuenger of White Zombie.

On the B-side, it’s Fatso Jetson with their own brand of stoner rock.  “Blueberries & Chrome” rocks heavy with riff in your face and vocals buried deep.  It doesn’t shy away from dissonant chords but it does allow the vocals by Mario Lalli to explode on the chorus.  “Baby want sugar!”  Let’s just say it’s probably better that you can’t really hear the lyrics.  “He’s about to unwind, and it’s stuck in your face.”  Good tune though, sludgey and heavy.  The chorus is an awesome blowout.

3.5/5 stars



  1. A lot of attitude in that Fu Manchu Jailbreak cover. The sludge guitars sound like they’re farting.

    Hey, Mike. Could you settle a debate between John T. Snow and I? What’s the best Night Ranger album? More specifically, which album is better… Dawn Patrol or Midnight Madness? Keep in mind that Midnight Madness has Glenn Hughes.

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      1. Only one? I figured you could nail off at least five. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”, “You Can Still (Rock in America)”, “Sister Christian”, “When You Close Your Eyes”, “Sentimental Street”.


      1. No album with the lyric, “you can carry on like an ice machine” can be the best in a band’s discography! Not to mention the non-rhyme “you make the sidewalk bright in the dead of night, you oughta give yourself a hand.” And also, “In the cool city, in the heat of the night…” Well which is it Jack? How can a city be cool if it’s even hot at night?

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