Sheik Week Day 1: The Best of The Iron Sheik’s Twitter

Thanks to long time reader and recent pal Brian Richards…welcome to Sheik Week at, bubba!  For the next five days we will be looking at some of the Sheik’s most hilarious tweets.  From song lyrics to current events to pop culture, the Sheik has capslock commentary on them all.  And he really, really, really still has a grudge for Hulk Hogan.  This series will run Tuesday to Saturday this week.  Let’s hear it for the Iron Sheik!


The Iron Sheik won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship from Bob Backlund on December 26, 1983 due to Backlund’s manager throwing in the towel during a vicious camel clutch.  Sheik lost the title January 23, 1984 to Hulk Hogan and his atomic legdrop.  Hulkamania had begun.



      1. A useless point of information but two days before the Sheik lost the title to Hogan, I saw him defend his title against Tito Santana. Tito got the Sheik down for the two-count at least a dozen times but couldn’t get the three. Then both wrestlers chased eachother outside the ring and both got counted out.

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