VIDEO: Max the Axe – “Randy” Remix – August 25-28 at the lake

I am pleased to present to you a work in progress by Max the Axe: a new remix of “Randy” by Robi Banerji. This remix veers wildly from the original album version of the song.

There are lots of dogs and cats in this video for you pet lovers.

You’ll notice we saw our UFO at the lake again on that August weekend. And weirder than ever. Explain this to me, people. See for yourself!


      1. Why would I not be serious? The light has not moved all summer, until last weekend. It expanded in both the upwards and downwards directions simultaneously. Why has it not moved at all since June? No movement…planes move.


        1. Right. No plane could fly through a hovering cloud and leave a hovering trail behind. No wind could distort the shape over time. I stand corrected. It has to be a secret space thing.


        2. Dunno how many times I have to say this, how many videos I have to shoot. It did not move. 20 minutes, 30 minutes. Did not move. You don’t have to believe me but I’m going to ask you to kindly drop it before I really feel insulted.


        3. You already insulted me when you called me Jesse Fink. When I said it was uncalled for, your response was “Yeah, but I’m right.” So… maybe look in the mirror a bit…

          Very happy to drop this.

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        4. You know, I’m supposedly your friend and not some random person on the internet, right? Why are you treating me this way? You’d rather be “right” about something than keep me as a friend? Are you having a bad morning or something?


        5. All I can say is, I feel the same way you do above, so I ask again to please just drop it. That’s all I ask. You can think I’m some idiot who’s never seen a plane before if you like, or whatever it is you think of me.


        6. I’ve tried to drop this several times already and you continued to insult me instead. I’ve tried to reason with you while you were rude. And, I never called you an idiot or thought of you as one. We have a difference of opinion. Let’s shake hands and move on.


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