Sunday Screening: Trainwreckords – Generation Swine (Todd in the Shadows)

Todd in the Shadows has finally tackled one of the 1990s greatest turds: Motley Crue’s Generation Swine.  Though “hair metal” isn’t his genre, Todd gets most of the facts right and touches on many of the factors that made this album such a trainwreck.  He uses interviews with Nikki Sixx, John Corabi and others to illustrate the history, and also throws in some clips from Pam & Tommy.  Simply stated, Motley were lost at sea with a much-hyped Vince Neil reunion that never lived up to expectations.  In fact Motley purposely veered away from expectations.  The biggest problem was that they had no idea where they were going.




      1. I think he’s cashing in. U can make a lot of money in OnlyFans or so I have read. And with his fanbase and that Tommy and Pam series publicity the time was now.

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        1. You have a good point there. I guess that’s why he’s showing off his weiner in public now? Promote his OnlyFans? I know you can pull in a lot of money there.


  1. Shave off 5 tunes and it would be a good album. I give them credit for trying something different but yeah some filler on this one. Reading the Corabi book currently and he gives some great insight on this period of the band.

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