MOVIE REVIEW: Mystique – Standing on the Firing Line (Guest video review by Uncle Meat)

Thanks to Marco D’Auria for the use of three exclusive movie clips in this review.


  1. I was at the premier as well.
    I loved almost every part of the movie. The only disappointment was the audio quality was poor for Ray Dauria. It seemed like he was recorded on a cell phone or a crappy mic and a lot of his audio was hard to understand. This was really shocking as I figured Marco would have fixed this in editing or re-recorded it.
    I probably would have given this a 9 as well but will drop it to an 8 for this.
    I bought both albums at the show and will spin them soon.

    Really nice review Meat. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

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    1. Hi yes! we were literally 0 budget so ray was one of the first recordings we did and did not have great audio equipment at the time, we tried really hard in post to clean up his audio, and im not an audio guy at all, my audio guy did his best, in hindsight i could have pushed to reshoot the interview but it wouldnt have been the same and we shot for 2 hours that day so it would have been difficult to get ray back in and ask the same questions etc, but ya, the whole thing was a learning experience, i appreciate the feedback and your support, most likley ill see if we can take another stab at cleaning his voice up and maybe even get him to re-cord some of the worse lines for our wide distribution

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      1. Such an honest answer for a real issue.
        If you think about it, it is fitting for the band.
        You all did the best you could on a shoestring budget. If you do clean the audio or re-record great. If not do not worry. It is still great.
        I hope you at least break even on this one Marco.
        I will be right behind Lebrain & Meat in buying the video.

        Just a thought. If doing a dvd/blu ray etc. perhaps some added bonus with Lebrain/Meat/fans etc.

        I will review the albums at some point.
        Maybe I would do an interview with you and the band.
        Let me know if you guys would be interested.


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        1. Hey i totally would be interested in doing an interview let me know, for the band i would suggest messaging them directly on the official mystique facebook, and honestly i appreciate the feedback about the audio, i knew it wasnt the greatest, but i spent so many hours editing with headphones that i understood everything ray was saying if that makes sense, but you’re not the only one to say it and we’ve already started working on fixing his audio up more… anyway thank you you can easily find me on facebook!

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        1. Workmen, am I right? A special breed of stressful.

          Yeah just busy around here because I am working one job and interviewing for another, on top of everything else of course.


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