Youtubin’: Badlands – “Dreams in the Dark”

When this video debuted on MuchMusic in spring of ’89, everybody but Harrison Kopp (who was not born yet) and John Hubner (who was not Canadian) said “Wow that singer really sounds like David Coverdale from Whitesnake!” The VJs said it and the kids said it. Do you agree? Does Ray Gillen resemble Coverdale in any way? Do you hear it too? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Listening to the chorus I can hear similarities to Coverdale now, but it’s only now that you pointed out that the rest of the world thought it. I read plenty of Metal Edge, Circus, and Kerrang back then and I never came across talk of the Coverdale/Gillen similarities. Weird. And I was a Whitesnake fan during that time, too. Maybe if Badlands had musically been similar to Whitesnake I might have made the connection, but to my ears they were in two very different musical worlds. Once Badlands hit in the fall of ’89 I’d found my favorite heavy blues/metal band.


      1. Yeah, both were 1989. I always thought Mr Big were more of a polished, pop rock sound. Where as Badlands was rougher and grittier sounding. Still very proficient musicians(obviously), but both were for very different moods to me.

        Side note: I got to see Paul Gilbert at a guitar clinic and he played along to backing tracks to “Addicted To That Rush”. It was probably six months before the debut dropped. Very cool.

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      1. I don’t know man. That “can’t keep away” stuff from Still of the Night sounds like Coverdale is going to town on several packs of cigarettes a day.

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