Marco D’Auria and Tim Durling are Creatures of the Night! Box set dissected, bootleg DVDs examined, and Harrison questioned!

Marco, Tim and I had a blast taking a deep dive into Kiss’ Creatures of the Night album, box set, and tour!  Marco presented a collection of four Kiss bootlegs from the Creatures era.  Tim brought the vinyl and cassettes.  He even had a related 8-track tape.  I dove deep into the Kiss box set:  the book, the goodies, the music, the stories and the packaging!  (For those asking me for a box set review, this is pretty much it!)  Additionally, Uncle Meat stopped by with his memories of seeing the Creatures tour at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.  Finally, “Ask Harrison” returned with two of the best questions for my Aussie co-host yet.  Harrison doesn’t have much in the way of Kiss but did present some interesting stuff in terms of Slade, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, and more.

“Ask Harrison” questions this time were asked by Lana (via Tee Bone) and our newest castmember, an actual Instagram influencer with 200,000 followers who discovered our Led Zeppelin list episode earlier this year, became a fan, and wanted to be a part of our little show herself! Please give her a big welcome.

Next week I’ll be doing a taping with Grant Arthur from Grant’s Rock Warehaus, but we’ll be back again soon.  Thanks for watching!



  1. Sorry I missed it. I’m still getting over my second bout of Covid. Was busy hacking up blood during this stream. Not a ton, just a few drops. Likely from the sore throat and mucus. Still pretty metal though. This time was way worse than the first. I’m on the healing path though. Still, that first night. Fuck! It was hell.

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    1. Holy shit dude! Get better man, I’m so sorry to hear that! Hacking up blood happens to me when I have pneumonia, for me it’s from the damage all the coughing is doing to the tissues in my throat. Damn man. Feel better soon. Lots of love.


      1. I thought I might have pneumonia earlier today. I kept coughing like a fucker, then I finally hacked up this disturbingly large loogie and the coughing slowed way down. I’m still watery congested though.

        I’m on day 4 of symptoms now. Day 1 into day 2 morning was one of the worst nights ever. I might opt for death over that if I had to face it again, and I’m not sure I’m even joking. Weird, because the first time I had it, it was totally manageable with cold medicine and vitamins. This time, nothing seemed to help much but time. Burning fever, sore muscles all over, chills, headache, nausea. I couldn’t stand up for more than about two minutes to load up on water and stuff.

        All to say, don’t get it. No fun.


  2. By this stage in the saga of the band, Kisstory was about to be written. Eric Carr was unleashed and Vinnie brought his chops. The songwriting at first seemed like a dumbing down of Kiss’s hard rock n roll. It’s heavy, basic stuff but it works like a charm after repeated listens. Some of the demos and live stuff included are magic. Lick It Up and Animalize sound great too. Not the Kiss of yesteryear, though their live sets incorporated the classics to great effect at the time. A very misjudged era. Eric Carr’s drums are massive on this. Bonhamesque.

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    1. I’m not an Animalize fan. I gave it and Asylum a spin this week but I felt they were definitely short of the high water mark left by Creatures of Lick it Up, personally!

      This was a really fun show and great album to discuss. I feel like we barely scratched the surface of this box set.


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