NEWS: Scott Rockenfield muddies the Queensryche waters further with “SuperHuman” announcement

(Former?) Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield has, shall we say, been a bit of a drama queen these last couple years.  In 2021 he announced his own version of Queensryche seemingly separate from the current version.  His supposedly included Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson, but not singer Todd LaTorre.  Scott released a 2014 demo called “Days O’ Deth” as his only musical output so far, which ironically included LaTorre on vocals.  Scott’s dislike for LaTorre has been quite public in his social media.  The legit Queensryche have largely ignored Scott’s statements.

Today Rockenfield is announcing something in 2023 called “SuperHuman” with someone called Damien Krane.  The artwork recycles the album cover for the 2013 self-titled Queensryche CD.

Who knows what the hell is actually going on, but the possibility of two Queensryches has once again reared its ugly head.  Stay tuned in 2023 for more drama.



  1. This is all strange, but the band Queensryche is really good these days. I’ve seen them three times with Todd, most recently last month, opening for Judas Priest, (and once with Tate, on the Promised Land tour). I’m going to see the current band again in March, on their headlining tour for the excellent Digital Noise Alliance album. I’ve bought into the band with Todd and Casey, and really, at this point, I’d just as soon that Scott took his toys and went home.

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    1. I would not know. I’ve heard it’s possibly the best of the four LaTorre albums, but Queensryche didn’t make my new budget constraints so I’ll have to catch it down the road.


        1. They seldom pass the “I remember how this song goes!” test. A lot of bands that are not in my budget fall into the category of “Can’t Remember How the Songs on the Last Album Go”.


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