Youtubin’: Paramore – “This is Why”

Paramore are the kind of band I can take or leave. While there is no denying the enormous talents of frontwoman Hayley Williams, their music can border on annoying at times.  Upon first listen, I absolutely hated their new single “This is Why” from the forthcoming album of the same name (2023).  Then I heard it again and again and now even the chorus doesn’t bug me.  In fact it’s stuck in my head.  And now it’s stuck in yours too!  Muahaha.

While Paramore are still firmly pop rock, this song has certain elements of jazz and funk.  The lyrics are sharp and current.  They’ve come a long way from the emo pop punk princes and princess they once were.



        1. To be fair that feud is from decades ago, and I haven’t heard anyone talk about it in around that long. Patton has always been a shitposter.


  1. Ear worm?
    Haven’t heard that new Paramore track yet…

    I’m listening to Forbidden. This is a weird one. Wonder if that Tony Martin years box set is ever coming out?

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