Youtubin’: Jacko Johnson – Energizer OI!

Dedicated to the Australian Wunderkind, Harrison the Mad Metal Man.

“Energizer!  It’ll surprise ya!  OI!”

In the late-80s, there was a period of time when anything Australian was all the rage.  There was Paul Hogan, Crocodile Dundee, Yahoo Serious, Midnight Oil, INXS and Jacko!  Everybody was walking around doing terrible accents, saying “that’s not a knife,” and “throw another shrimp on the barbie.”  Even better though were the Energizer battery ads by footballer Jacko Johnson.  What energy!  He definitely popularized the phrase “Oi!” in Canada.



  1. I’m afraid that all the love Harrison has been getting this week is going to inflate his head. He’s gonna develop ego to spareison.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go eat my steak cooked medium rareison, while watching reruns of Little House on the Praireson.

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