Drop-In Special: Showing off our gifts with Mike and the Mad Metal Man – special guest Grant Arthur

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike and the Mad Metal Man
Episode 9:  Post-Christmas Drop-In Special with guest Grant Arthur!

Mom always told us it wasn’t polite to show off.  Still, when you’re a music fan with music gifts, you can’t help it!

Tonight Mike and the Mad Metal Man host a drop-in show.  All are welcome to stop in and show off their Christmas hauls.  Grant from Grant’s Rock Warehaus will be with us tonight to discuss the gifts that rocked his Christmas.

Confirmed guests:

  • Grant Arthur
  • Rob Daniels
  • Brian Richards

Personally speaking, I was a bad boy and spent a lot of post-Christmas money.  That package has now arrived and it’s a big one I’ll be opening up for you tonight!  I also have one more down in my quest to get all the Marillion box sets, some Kiss vinyl, and some Triumph to show.  Then we’ll get to the rock clothes!  Meanwhile on Ask Harrison, maybe we can get him to reveal a little bit more about himself and his homeland this week.

Tonight could go long so strap in and get ready to rock.

Friday December 30 at 7:00 P.M. E.S.T. Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook.



  1. I wanna see a New Years Eve show where Harrison, Mike, and John T. Dreyfuss get shitfaced and compare scars while one of you talks about the USS Indianapolis.


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