VIDEO: The Contrarians Showcase – Mike LeBrain

Thank you Marco from the Contrarians for this honour.  I really loved doing this interview, and I really appreciate the chance to talk about myself and the things I love the most.  I got to tell some of my favourite stories, and plug Grab a Stack of Rock with the Mad Metal Man.  I also did a horrific Australian accent.  Please enjoy!

And Marco…thanks again, this meant the world to me.


  1. You got the “The Sharpest Pain” placement on the deep cut list right.

    My favourite Kissology would be whichever one came with the Dynasty tour show.

    “Dry” Australian way. Emphasis on the dry.

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  2. Fun introduction. Listening to Thickskin now, don’t recall it being my favorite.

    Really like that Grab a Stack of cds concept. And hearing tons of information about all stuff related to those albums. I have probably over 100 cds on my desk at the moment and these are only part of the ones not yet listened…LIfe of a music fan, right?

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