Idea: A 3 Line REVIEW? Triumph – Thunder Seven (1985)

I was doing some online reading the other day, on Wikipedia as we often do.  I was curious about the book Moby Dick so I clicked the article and did a quick dive.  One thing in the article intrigued me immediately.  Someone wanted to determine when the first review of Moby Dick appeared in print, and their length criteria for “review” was “three lines or more”.

That got me thinking.

A lot of you want me to do reviews again, which I have been staunchly resistant to.  I’m tired of the extensive work that my type of review required.  However, would you be interested in a new kind of review that is only three sentences long?  Is that something you’d be interested in?

The key here is making the sentences count.  Let’s give it a try below.  I was recently given this album by good pal Tim Durling.

TRIUMPH – Thunder Seven (1985 MCA)

Far heavier than I expected, given Martin Popoff’s scathing 1/10 star review in Riff Kills ManThunder Seven is fine mix of riffy rock, progressive experimentation, Bluesy licks, thundering songs, and even one choral exploration.  Highlights are “Time Goes By”, “Follow Your Heart”, “Spellbound”, “Killing Time”, and the beautiful acoustic instrumental “Midsummer’s Daydream”.

4/5 stars




  1. Usually I love Martin Popoff but he needs to re-review this while sober I think. This is an amazing album. What’s even more amazing is you back reviewing.
    I am in sunny Playa Del Carmen reading your comeback review of one of my favourite albums. Life is good.
    I used to hate those 300 or 100 word reviews but at this point I’ll take what I can get. 3 sentence, 2 sentence? Whatever works for you.
    This review is muy bueno.
    Hosta la vista baby.

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      1. Been a long time coming and should have ended in June.

        I’m 50 years old now and don’t need friends who tear me down periodically anymore. Karate Kid show was my last straw. He was upset we didn’t spend time discussing his one and only comment at the end of a packed show where I didn’t get to show much at all.

        He hates that I want good views. He calls me “view boy” and “Mr Hollywood”.

        We have simply grown too far apart to sustain.


      2. Incidentally he seemed most upset that A) I didn’t react to his “critique” the way he expected and B) He won’t have access to my group chat on Facebook anymore.

        Incidentally, he sent his “critique” to me privately instead of the group chat. He clearly didn’t want the other show panel members to read it. Hence the private message.


  2. I highly doubt he has any regrets. He doubled down. He didn’t retract a thing.

    I feel amazing. I never have to worry about his negative reaction to one of my music posts again. Triumph was the last one.

    I wished him a good life.

    He mocked me for offering to get him help, because my offer was 4 years ago.

    I have not attempted Sausagefest in 4 years so nothing will change.

    I’m happy.


        1. Just read today’s review if you feel up for more Triumph, and feel free to ask me anything.

          There is no connection between Meat and me deciding that I wanted to spend more time with my wife and not 2-3 hours per night writing. None whatsoever.


    1. I meant the “censoring myself mentally” part.
      I write reviews because I enjoy them.
      Hopefully you can get back to that.
      If having to censor yourself mentally was part of it that had to take some of the joy out of it.
      Do what is best for you and your family.
      If you write a few 3 sentence ones occasionally your readers will be happy.

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