Audio From the Archives: Complete Unreleased 2006 Interview with BRENT DOERNER (Helix, Decibel, My Wicked Twin)

This interview, only my second after Eddie Jackson of Queensryche five years earlier, turned into a terrific text article on former Helix guitarist Brent Doener, called Cranking the Decibels.  I am very proud of that, and listening back to the full 1 hour 16 minute interview for the first time since 2006, I had a lot to work with.  Including some pretty cringey questions from me.  But Brent was more than generous with his time and we had a great chat that zoomed around numerous topics.

Highlights for me listening back today:

  • Brent’s heartfelt admiration for artists he loves and passion for music.
  • Clickbait road and studio stories about music legends such as Lemmy.
  • Tom Jones.
  • Brent taking apart his songs for us, explaining the structures and lyrics.
  • His influences from many genres.
  • A moment at 42 minutes and 30 seconds of Brent miming the drum part to his song “Billy Oxygen”.
  • Praise for his band which included Shane Schedler (guitar) and the late Ralph “Chick” Schumilas (guitar), and trying to woo singer/bassist Hills Walter into the fold.
  • Brent had a warm, open nature, never saying no to a question no matter how dumb, and he helped turn this interview into an extended conversation always circling around the love of music.

This interview was recorded on a Maxell XLII 110 minute cassette with one side change midway.  It’s long but unreleased in this form until now.



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