Youtubin’: Static-X – “Push It” (Live in Orlando, FL 3-15-23)

I don’t mind me a little Static-X. Listening to a whole album of these songs in one sitting is a little much, but taken one at a time, their music is heavy, fun, and bizarrely catchy. A lot of that had to do with the unique vocal stylings of the late lead singer, Wayne Static.

Today, Static-X are touring as a tribute to Wayne, with a man named Xer0 fronting them, wearing an eye-catching Wayne-like robot suit.  Xer0 is said to be portrayed by Edsel Dope, of the band Dope, and friend of Static-X.

I think this is a pretty cool way for a band to carry on when the frontman is gone forever.  Bassist Tony Campos is passionate and enthusiastic, and the crowd eat it all up!


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