Youtubin’: Todd in the Shadows – TRAINWRECKORDS: Run-D.M.C.’s “Crown Royal”

I love getting a musical education from Todd in the Shadows!  He’s musically educated and far more knowledgeable about pop and hip-hop than I’ll ever be.

Run DMC are not my thing, and I was largely ignorant of their influence and their unique style.  Todd demonstrates their beats and importance with plenty of video clips.  But his main focus this time was their “comeback” album Crown Royal.  An album that took years to make and release, due to legal wranglings over guest appearances and DMC’s lack of involvement.  Todd conjectures that a disapproving D didn’t record a single note for this album.  He could be right.  A trainwreckord indeed, Crown Royal sounds like a desperate attempt to meet Y2k head on, and failing.  No amount of Fred Dursts or Third Eyes Blind could save this record commercially and artistically.

This was a 30 minute viewing that flew right by.  Entertaining and educational.



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