Motherlode of Rock! Mike, Harrison, Jex, Tim, Snowman & Dr. Kathryn Grab A Stack

A star studded show featuring the following guests:

  • Harrison the Mad Metal Man
  • Jexcalibur J “The Muscle” Russell
  • Tim “Bad Influence” Durling
  • with John T. Snow and Dr. Kathryn

Together we revealed:

  • The new Ghost EP (2 copies)
  • The new Def Leppard Drastic Symphonies (umpteen copies)
  • The new Neal Schon Journey Through Time (2 copies)
  • Foreshadowed two upcoming episodes of Tim’s Vinyl Confessions
  • Max the Axe garage sale scores:  BBM and a dragon kite named Drogon
  • Harrison’s diverse taste
  • Classic Alice Cooper
  • Rare Eric Carr
  • New Sprite “Lymonade” celebrating 50 years of hip hop (?)
  • Record Faire scores galore
  • The 2loud2old shirt, Grab A Stack & Tim’s Vinyl Confessions merch

Official Grab A Stack of Rock merch available here!




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