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Mother’s Day Sunday Chuckle

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Life has been tougher than usual these days and you deserve a big huge pat on the back.  Or, to use a popular cliche, celebrate wine o’clock.

Today we’ll be visiting my 95 year old grandmother!  Distantly, through a window, but she understands.  I thought for this Mother’s Day, I’d share a favourite story about her.

My grandma always gave us good gifts for birthdays and Christmas, but because she didn’t really know what kids were into, started giving us money instead.  We were just as happy with that, but I’ll never forget something thing she wrote in my Christmas card one year.

“Dear Michael, Merry Christmas.  Use this gift to buy yourself a CD record.  Love Grammie.”

A CD record!  The phrase still makes me smile today.