Sunday Chuckle: Things You Don’t See Every Day

I’m amused by things you don’t see every day.  This week I saw something I’ve never seen before in all my days.

You may have heard of this thing called the “Keto diet”.  I won’t get into details (not necessary) but it’s basically a low-carb diet that burns fat and happens to also be good for epilepsy.  Someone at work just started the Ketogenic thing.  Someone ordered a bucket of KFC chicken and she was in the kitchen taking a picture of it.

Intrigued by anything to do with KFC, I was curious and asked what was up.  She showed me the bucket’s contents.  Nothing but a sorry mix of bones and chicken skin.  All the skin, in fact — the best part of the chicken!  (In fact some KFC locations used to sell just the skin as a snack item.)  “It’s the carbs in the breading,” she explained.  I got it immediately, though not without pity.

At the same time it was a memorable moment for me.  I’ve never seen a KFC bucket with all the skin left behind before in my life.  And that’s why I chuckle!