REVIEW: Black Sabbath – Master of Reality (deluxe edition)


This is the third time I have bought Master of Reality on CD.  I’m addicted to buying these deluxe editions.   Check out more of my Sabbath deluxe reviews by clicking here!


BLACK SABBATH – Master of Reality (2010 deluxe edition)

Black Sabbath really began to grow on Master of Reality. Wheras their first wax and Paranoid seem largely cut from the same cloth, Master exhibits some new flare. Acoustic guitar, flute, adventurous arrangements…this was the first step on a road that would later lead to the masterpiece Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

You already know the big songs: “Into the Void”, “Sweet Leaf”, “Children of the Grave”. These songs all combine crushing riffs, stark vocals, and the quintessential Black Sabbath sound that only these four guys could produce. Something about Bill Ward’s slightly off timekeeping and Geezer Butler’s trademark slinky bass drives these songs on a hellbent path.

You can’t go wrong with the rest of the album either, not a weak song in the bunch. “After Forever” combines a couple riffs together into a mutant beast of hard rock. “Lord of This World” is brutal. “Solitude” is hauntingly beautiful, a masterpiece that neither Sabbath nor Ozzy would equal later.  In my opinion.

This deluxe edition combines the original album with a bonus disc containing demos and instrumentals. There are alternate lyrics as well. I like the instrumental versions because you get the hear the band stripped down, and the interplay of the instruments. These guys truly were psychically locked in. (Geezer and Tony have always said so.) Casual fans won’t need this bonus disc, as there is a lot of repeat, but diehards like myself love having these previously unheard versions.

Last of all is a completely unreleased song, also unknown to me previously, called “Weevil Woman”. The great thing about this song is that it is not a throw-away. It is up to the Sabbath standard, and almost as good as anything on the album itself. Collectors rejoice, the inclusion of this one song makes this purchase compulsory. It’s a no-brainer.

My only complaint? My old Castle remaster of this album had an embossed cover, replicating the original vinyl. It’s a shame something similar wasn’t done with this. Embossing the cover would have replicated the original vinyl artwork so much better, as the original album had the album title only embossed so you can barely see it, it was not coloured at all.

Liner notes and inner artwork are, of course, great.

5/5 stars.

Oh! And one last thing. Bill Ward’s non-involvement with the Black Sabbath reunion means it is NOT a Black Sabbath reunion. It is simply a new lineup. Not happy with this!


  1. This is my favourite Sabbath album. Thank you.

    And yeah, I’m still not sure what to think about this ‘reunion’.


  2. Is this the perfect metal album? I dunno, but if there’s one clear 5/5 (10/10 in my case) review, then this must be it. All the songs are awesome, even Iommi’s short instrumentals. Sweet Leaf must be the biggest pro-weed track ever written and After Forever had these really cool pro-Christianity lyrics. Except for the fact that Geezer Butler wrote that song about his very religious catholic father and many of the words in that song was spoken to young Terence and they stuck. It’s not pro-religion, it’s Geezer being pissed off about his dad trying to push Jesus down his throat.
    I guess nobody told Michael Sweet about that as Stryper has recorded a cover of After Forever for the new Stryper record….

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    1. I had no idea what Sweet Leaf was about as a kid. None whatsoever. It was my favourite Sabbath track! I thought “Leaf” was the name of some girl that Ozzy was in love with! I love you sweet Leaf…


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