Part 42.5: Random Klassic Quote

The two most common requests here at LeBrain’s blog are the following:

1. We love the classic quotes!

2. You ramble on too much!

So, for your long weekend pleasure, a single Klassic Quote for you.

Remember way back in Klassic Kwotes II I mentioned a girl who shit her pants in the store?  Funnier still was the reaction from one of my regular customers that day.  Peter the Rocker.  Ahh, Peter, what ever happened to you?  Peter the Rocker was from Austria.  When the girl shit her pants in the store, the first thing heard in the store, very loudly, was from Peter the Rocker.  Picture this in thick Austrian accent.

“Hey man!  I think somebody shit their fucking pants in your fucking store, man!”

Also funny was when Peter the Rocker once declared to us, in Austrian accent:

I am no longer Peter the Rocker!  Now I am Peter Hard Core!


  1. That is the same accent as Arnold the Terminater, no?
    Anyways, if you try to say that
    in Arnold speak,it really is a
    scream imagining this ‘Peter
    the Rocker’ actually saying
    this.I wonder what caused
    that to happen to that poor
    girl?She likely still cringes to
    this very day about it and the
    announcement of this deed by
    Peter the Rocker.
    I would love to have a friend who spoke like that except it
    might get too hysterical to bear.


    1. Strangely enough she seemed completely obvious to the horrible stench emanating from her. I saw her on a weekly basis in the store but gratefully this was the only time she was accompanied by a smell.


  2. You don’t ramble too much, I like in depth stuff, and even if you do, Led Zeppelin has some excellent advice on the subject


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