Part 51: Señor Spielbergo

Ever seen this Simpsons episode?  The one where Burns can’t get Speilberg to make his movie, so he hires  “his non-union Mexican equivalent!”

And so was born Señor Spielbergo.

Towards the end of the record store days, I was prone to growing an awesome beard.  I also wear glasses and enjoy wearing baseball hats.  Because of this, and an obsessive love of movies, I was told that I kinda-sorta-in-a-weird way resembled Steven Speilberg.   

But not quite enough, so instead my nickname became Señor Spielbergo.

I grew back the Señor Spielbergo beard this year!  It’s much more grey.  I tricked my wife into letting me grow it back.  I told her it was my “playoff beard”.

But, the Rangers were eliminated, so I have to shave it.  She told me so.  So this is your last look (in 2012) at the Señor Spielbergo/playoff beard!  It was an awesome beard.  Easily the best since the record store days!



        1. Oh sorry! A moustache and beard that he trims back so it isn’t Duck Dynasty, like if you were to grow out your 5 o’clock shadow. no soul patch, or anything fancy. I’m not up on my beard names lol


        2. Sometimes I think the best way to think about beards is in terms of celebrities. George Michael, Duck Dynasty, Creepy Period Joaquin Phoenix, the Santa, the Col Sanders…I know a guy with the Col Sanders. Dead ringer for him too.


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