“I got blisters on me fingers!” (VINCE NEIL Washburn GALLERY!)

I decided to dust off the ol’ guitar today to do some writing and recording.  I haven’t played a note in two years.  Needless to say my fingers hate me right now.  But I got the job done and a piece of music I don’t hate.

My weapon of choice (my only guitar) is the Vince Neil Washburn, a limited exition axe exclusive to Future Shop stores in Canada.  It was limited to 2500 pieces, numbered, and retailed originally for $299.99.  I got mine on clearance — $69.99, including the little practice amp, three Vince Neil picks, strap, and certificate of authenticity with Vince’s autograph.  A close inspection reveals that it’s actual pen, not just printed on.

When I told people about my purchase, they’d usually respond, “Wait…isn’t Vince Neil the singer from Motley Crue?”  Yes, he played guitar once in a blue moon live, but I guess that’s why I got mine so cheap on clearance.  And it wasn’t the last one; my buddy Chris bought one too and re-sold it for profit.

Currently, there are none on eBay, so I suggest if you find one at a decent price, may as well pick it up!  It’s a decent sounding guitar, the amp works as a practice amp but for me to record with, not so hot.  I’m not really a guitar player, I can basically just play my way around blues scales, so I can’t really really review it as an instrument — just as a collector.


A sample of how the Vince Neil Washburn sounds can be found below.  (Reminder:  I am NOT a guitar player!)

One comment

  1. Nice axe! My brother-in-law has an artist series guitar like that, from KISS. Might be Paul Stanley, but don’t quote me. It’s black, I know that. Anyway, sorry about your fingers. I hear people say they get blisters and bleeding and can never comprehend. I play for hours and never have anything, even if it’s been a long period between sessions. Not bragging, just saying. Maybe you’re pressing too hard? An electric guitar sure doesn’t need much pressure on the strings, since all the sound is from amplification (not like an acoustic that requires harder strumming for more volume). Anway, watch old 80s hair rock videos. They’re barely hitting those strings, despite the big arm movements.


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