Part 83: Discounts

This topic was suggested by Mr. Craig Fee of 107.5 Dave FM.  He wanted to know about discounts in the record store days.   So here goes!


Yeah yeah, I know I know.  I know the story.  You’re a DJ.  Or, the owner usually gives you a discount.  Or, the “other guy” usually haggles with you.  Or, you’re senior and you get a discount at McDonalds.  Blah blah blah blah.

So we kind of had this set deal in place, a frequent buyer card.  Buy “x” get 1 free within certain parameters.  It actually worked out to be a really good deal, if you bought low and redeemed high.  However people usually wanted a discount instead of that.  (Occassionally, a guy would DEMAND!!! a certain discount not realizing that our card was a better deal.)

I always thought it was funny when people would say, “I’m buying two.  What kind of discount can I get?”  Two?

You’d get people who say, “The case is cracked.  Do I get a discount?”

No, but I’ll put it in a brand new case for you.  Just like new now.

“You can’t give me a discount? I’d prefer that.”

No, all it needs is a new case, dumbass!

Another classic:  “Hey.  No tax on these today, right?”  Well, shit.  Maybe you should talk to Mr. Harper and Mr. McGuinty about forfeiting their cut of my sale because that one I can’t even override.

It was really, really rare that I would budge on prices.   In the early days the rules were very strict on that.  Later on they got a little more lax, but sometimes you could placate a customer by stamping their card a few extra times.  If you redeemed your card for the max value, each stamp worked out to be worth a buck.

One thing that 50% of customers never figured out:  You won’t get a discount by being annoying as fuck.  That means not calling me “buddy”, “bud”, and especially “chief”.  And if you make me run around the store to fetch 25 fucking discs before you pick 3 of them, no, you ain’t getting a discount!



  1. We used to have a customer we called the “Pound Guy” because we’d have clearance sales where all the albums we’re marked down to £1. And he would suddenly appear.
    “If I bought these 4 how much would they be?”
    “Er… £4?”


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