REVIEW: Accept – Stalingrad (2012)

ACCEPT – Stalingrad (2012 Nuclear Blast, bonus track)

They said there could be no Accept without Udo!  But here we are, two albums deep onto a healthy Accept rennaissance with Mark Tornillo at the mic.   Wolf Hoffman and company have carried on with class.  Has there ever been a metal band that so seemlessly replaced their beloved longtime original throat?

I think on Stalingrad, Tornillo’s fitting in better than ever.  It seemed to my ears that they have upped the SPM (screams-per-minute) on this Accept album, and Tornillo’s never sounded better honestly.  I guess that big long tour really tightened everybody up, because the whole band sounds awesome.

Stalingrad is very much a companion record to the successful comeback Blood Of The Nations.  It sound like a natural succession, with perhaps a little more emphasis on melody and catchiness.  The tracks are still as Teutonically heavy as before, but there seems to be just the oddest incremental increase in melody.

Strongest songs:

“Stalingrad”, “Flash To Bang Time”, “Shadow Soldiers”, “Us Against The World”, they’re all good!  I also liked the 9/11 song “Never Forget”, which is a bonus track on some editions.

On a final note, I think Peter Baltes is a damn fine and underrated metal bassist.  He sounds great on this album!



  1. Tell u what Mike,I was fortunate enough back in early 91 to see Dokken in Winnipeg when Don added Baltes,Norum,White and Dee to his Dokken lineup and man that said tour/album was excellent,too bad it disengrated shortly after!
    But that night he blew off the headliner(Poison)
    And oh by the way I thought Accepts Eat The Heat disc wasn’t too bad……I would give that one a 3/5 ….


    1. Hey Deke! I agree with your Eat The Hear rating. I have the Dokken album that he did with that lineup (always loved Norum) and I think it’s good but too ballady. At the same time, I bought that Lynch Mob album, which was good and heavy and not enough good songs. Shame. Dokken are a band that is best with their original lineup I think.


  2. Yeah I here ya,but having said I thought the Dysfunctional album was half good,I thought they had lost all momentum by than(95) and I kinda gave up on them until they put out the live album with Reb Beach cuz the Hunter was on it,and I thought that was one of there best tunes…..


    1. Hell yeah, the Hunter was pretty much their best song back then! Though I have a soft spot for Alone Again and Breaking the Chains. They were a great band for those kind of rock ballads. But you can write too many ballads over the years…

      I like Reb Beach too. I saw a recent Whitesnake live DVD and I was surprised that Doug Aldrich did almost all of the solos, Reb very few.


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