Part 128: VIDEO BLOG – Mike & Aaron Go To Toronto! (now with Store Report Card!)

Join Mike and Aaron as they hunt for rare albums!


Sonic Boom, 782 Bathurst St – 5/5 stars

BMV, 471 Bloor Street West – 3.5/5 stars (Mike) 4/5 stars (Aaron)

Rotate This, 801 Queen St. W – 3/5 stars  (no rating from Aaron)

Pauper’s Pub,  539 Bloor Street West – 3.5/5 stars

Paradise Bound, 270 August Ave – 4/5 stars * note I got the name wrong in the video

Moonbean, 30 Saint Andrew Street – 5/5 stars

Sonic Boom Kensington, 201 Augusta Ave – 4.5/5 stars

HMV, 333 Yonge Street – 1.5/5 stars

Sunrise, 220 Yonge Street, 1.5/5 stars (no rating from Aaron)


See what Aaron bought by clicking here!

FINAL NOTE:  I procured a the Japanese import from eBay a week later, October 27, for $41, free shipping.



  1. Hey where’d the other post go? Comments and everything… gone! Oh well, all I did was wonder if you spent as much time on the video as we did in Toronto. ;)

    As for your ratings, I’d give BMV a 4 for low prices alone. Rotate This did have cheap Metallica, but we didn’t spend a whole lotta time in there so I don’t feel like I can really rate it. If I’d had the burger at Pauper’s, it’d be a 4 or a 4.5 if my year-old memory of the burger is still the reality. I’m impressed you even gave the corporate whore stores 1.5. I’d have wagered on a pure 0. For me, HMV would go low like that, yeah, but we didn’t get to see Sunrise, really, so I just can’t rate it.

    HUGE thanks to you, LeBrain, for putting all of this together. What a document of a crazy and eventful day!! Well done, sir.


  2. Yeah kind of a publicity stunt on my move, by creating a brand new post it emails people again with the new blog :) Then I moved the old one to draft mode so it didn’t appear twice, so the comments do still exist just only I can see them :)

    I spent as much time on the video as I did in Toronto! But that was because of Winblows, I had to start over after I’d finished due to Winblows.

    I’m gonna add your ratings. Cheers sir!


    1. Thank you sir! While time consuming I would like to continue to do more video reviews of record shopping trips. I’m glad you found it entertaining. It sure was a good time doing it. Aaron tells me that some stores were giving me dirty looks while I filmed but nobody said anything to me. My home town (Kitchener) isn’t really comparable to London or Toronto for record stores, but look for more of these videos in the future. It was too fun to NOt do it again!


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