Friday Live Stream – Don’t miss a beat of the virtual fun!

Due to popular demand and nothing better to do, I’ll be live streaming again tonight on Facebook.  This time the stream will start at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and possibly run til 11:00.

Last Friday‘s stream was fun for all.  It included features such as:

  • Mike’s mom
  • Mike trying not to swear while his mom was listening and failing spectacularly
  • Guess That Beverage
  • Stories and Questions
  • Show & Tell
  • Harrison Gives LeBrain an Aneurism
  • Real prank calls by Max the Axe’s Stunt Double

What will tonight entail?  It’s entirely unscripted so who knows?  (I wanted to do an unboxing last week but that idea went down like the proverbial lead zeppelin.)

Check out Facebook (I’m “Michael” there) and tune into the live stream at 8:00 PM EST.


Friday Live Streaming — tune in while you are shut in!

We’re all in this together.  For your entertainment, and let’s face it mine too, I will be live streaming on Facebook tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

We tried this last week, sort of an impromptu live session and it was fun!  There were loads of music questions, lots of air guitar, great comments, and even a couple of my rock heroes stopped by to see what was going on.  So what’s up for tonight?  That’s up to you, folks!

How long it goes will depend on how many people are watching; I’ll call it a night if it’s a slow one.  Otherwise we could go until midnight.  I’ll be pulling the plug then no matter what, so I can watch Rob Daniels live show on Visions In Sound.  He will be playing the music of Star Trek: Picard by Jeff Russo.  You might want to make sure you catch that.

I will admit the longest I’ve gone (haha!) is an hour and a half.  Never done three hours before.  So this will be interesting to say the least.

Look for me on Facebook — I’m Michael there — and tune into the live stream at 9:00 PM EST.


Covideo #4

Yet Another Coronavirus Video

Another F’n Covid Video

A brief followup to my first Covid-19 statement.

LeBrain’s Covid-19 Message

A humorous but important message regarding the current pandemic.

VIDEO: “Here Comes LeBrain Again” 2020 – by Uncle Meat and Iron Tom

In 2014, Tom and Uncle Meat made a video for their “Here Comes LeBrain Again” parody which I gladly used as my theme song. In 2020 that video is a little out of date, so I decided to make an updated one. Check both versions out below and let me know.

Thanks to Meat and Tom for recording the song and making the original.



VIDEO: Merry Christmas from LeBrain!

Blade Runner radio, tonight!

edit: I cannot attend this show due to illness.


LIVE at 12:00 AM (ET) Saturday morning!  It’s Robert Daniels and Jason Drury on VISIONS IN SOUND with music from BLADE RUNNER!  Tune in on your dial to 98.5 or internet to CKWR.  You folks in the UK can tune in as you enjoy some morning java!

As to my own involvement, I’ve come down with a mystery cold-like illness.  Whether I can make it to the station or not remains a question mark at this point in time.  I’d certainly like to.  Even if I’m “well enough” to go, I can’t risk passing this on to anyone else.  But you should still listen, if I’m there or not!  Rob and Jason always do an entertaining show with great music.

I’d love to share my own stories of this movie.  Seeing the comic book in a convenience store.  Thinking the title was cool if ambiguous.  But wishing Harrison Ford would get back to playing Han Solo or Indiana Jones already!  (As kids, we really did think it was that simple.)  I didn’t see the movie for many years later, when it was showing on one of the new pay TV channels.  Family friends the Lazbys were over, and it didn’t make sense to anybody!  The thing I remember the most about that viewing was the guy selling eyeballs.  I think that’s the moment all of us pretty much gave up trying to enjoy it.

But times and perspectives change.

Blade Runner’s visual impact came later.  The first and most obvious example was Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time album.  The front and back cover art are smorgasbords of Blade Runner visuals.  Numerous films have attempted to rip off Ridley Scott’s remarkable cityscapes, notably George Lucas in Attack of the Clones.

Listen in THIS Saturday 12:00-2:00am (ET).

The Black Hole radio, tonight!

I will be LIVE at 12:30 AM (ET) Saturday morning with Robert Daniels and Jason Drury on VISIONS IN SOUND. Tune in on your dial to 98.5 or internet to CKWR!  You folks in the UK can tune in as you enjoy some morning java!  Join Us THIS Saturday 12:30-2:30am (ET).

What a bizarre Disney film The Black Hole was.  Marketed to kids with funny looking robots from the House of Mouse, instead of a swashbuckling adventure, kids got a strange treatise on life, death, morality, mortality, God, the soul, isolation, artificial intelligence, good, evil, heaven, hell, and eternity.  It attempted to be Star Wars, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Rob, Jason and I will be playing the soundtrack by John Barry, and dissecting this interesting and puzzling film piece by piece.

For my DVD review of the The Black Hole, just click here.