VIDEO REVIEW: Iron Maiden – “Bring Your Daughter…To The Slaughter” etched 7″ single!

Part 13.5 of my series of Iron Maiden reviews!(?)  I just dug up this single from my collection, so this one actually falls right after No Prayer For The Dying!

IRON MAIDEN  – “Bring Your Daughter…To The Slaughter” (1990, etched 7″ single)

4/5 stars


  1. In a good way! But first of all, I hate to disagree with you (you are, after all, the Heavy Metal OverloRd), but it is you who has the accent.

    I am a little disappointed that neither you nor Aaron commented on my much-labored “oversight” tune!


  2. Dude, I just got here after many days. The “Oversight” soundbite was, in my humble opinion, the absolute highlight of this video. Nice harmonies, Freddie!

    That is a cool record. You’d pay $10 for it now, easy.

    HMO HMO: You really think Mike has an accent, there, eh? “Well yah. He sher duz. But he’s the best kinda hoser, right? Like, in the nicest way he’s a good ‘un.” And hey, it’s “nae like ye got your own wee accent, ken?” Hahahaha FUN!


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