VIDEO BLOG: Japanese Import! KISS Monster!

Think of this one as a coda to Mike And Aaron Go To Toronto.

And if you missed the original video, it is below.


  1. Congrats on finally getting your copy, buddy. I know how disappointed you were with the corporate stores. Ah well, live and learn. And next time (oh yes there will be a next time), we can avoid ’em altogether.


  2. You know what man…for the money, including shipping, it’s not much more than it used to be in-store. Just I miss walking into one and going, “Wow…look bonus track I never heard of!”

    The other thing HMV used to have were all the CD singles, everything by everybody. But I guess singles aren’t really being made anymore.


    1. I have bought it four times now, yes. But I’m going to give away my original CD copy to a buddy.

      But there’s more. Liner notes and further research has revealed something else of Kiss that I need, another holy grail.


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